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Listening to music 
Responding to music 
Exploring and imitating sounds 
Exploring vocal pitch sounds 

Sense of Self  
Expressing initiative  
Distinguishing self from others  
Solving problems encountered in exploration and play  
Doing things for one's self

Social Relations 
Forming an attachment to a primary caregiver  
Building relationships with other adults  
Building relationships with peers  
Expressing emotions  
Showing empathy toward the feelings and needs of others  
Playing with others 

Creative Representation  
Imitating and pretending  
Exploring building and art materials  
Responding to and identifying pictures and photographs 

Early Quantity and Number 
Experiencing "more" 
Experiencing one-to-one correspondence 
Experiencing the number of things

Exploring picture books and magazines 
Enjoying stories, rhymes, and songs

Communication and Language 
Listening and responding 
Communicating nonverbally 
Participating in two-way communication

Moving parts of the body (turning head, grasping, kicking) 
Moving the whole body (rolling, crawling, cruising, walking, running, balancing) 
Moving with objects 
Feeling and experiencing steady beat
Exploring Objects 
Exploring objects using hands, feet, mouth, eyes, ears, and nose

Discovering object permanence 
Exploring and noticing how things are the same or different

Exploring and noticing the location of objects 
Observing people and things from various perspectives 
Filling and emptying, putting in and taking out 
Taking things apart and fitting them together 

Anticipating familiar events 
Noticing the beginning and ending of time intervals 
Experiencing "fast" and "slow" 
Repeating an action to make something happen again

Experiencing cause and effect


Infant and Toddler Curriculum

Our Infants and Toddlers are busy little people, every day they are growing, gaining experiences and learning.  
At All About Kids School our Infant and Toddler rooms follow a flexible schedule as a guideline that is adjusted for each child.
We work closely with you to assure we follow your child’s schedule. And we adjust whenever possible to accommodate the needs of you and your child.