Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

Getting ready for kindergarten is a process that starts long before kindergarten begins.  

At All About Kids, teachers in our pre-kindergarten classroom make every effort to ensure your child has the skills needed to confidently enter kindergarten.  We even have homework!  We make sure that all children entering kindergarten classes are academically, socially, emotionally and physically ready for school.


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Language Arts 
Recognize and write all letters of the upper and lower case alphabet
Write his first and last name 
Learn sounds corresponding to vowels and consonants 
Use initial consonant sounds and sound patterns to read words 

      (for example, f + an = fan; r + an = ran) 
Identify several sight words, including names of colors 
Recognize and use rhyming words 
Retell a story including details 
Repeat events of a story in order 
Write simple sentences using sight words and phonics skills 

Listening and Communication 
Listen attentively 
Raise hands or wait to speak 
Act on instruction and repeat spoken directions 
Engage in question-and-answer dialog with classmates and teachers 
Work as a team on projects or problem-solving 

Sort and classify objects using one or more attributes
Recognize and write numbers to 30 
Count orally by ones, five, and tens 
Name ordinal numbers first through tenth 
Add and subtract using manipulative's (Cheerios, candy or other objects that can be picked up) 
Understand spatial relationships (top/bottom, near/far, before/behind) 
Compare quantities by estimating, weighing, and measuring 
Use graphs to gather information 
Recognize patterns and shapes 
Tell time to the nearest hour 
Count coins 
Recite the days of the week and months of the year 

Life skills 
Art and music: Experiment with different materials and methods 
Health and physical education: Learn essentials about nutrition and functions of the body 
Social studies: Identify major religious and civic holidays and historical figures; appreciate similarities and differences across individuals, families and traditions; understand different roles in communities 
Science: Use all senses to observe and experiment with plants and animal
s, weather and temperature