Language Development 
Letters. Recognizing, forming, writing 
Sounds. Sounding out, understanding different sounds for letters 
Words. Recognizing, spelling, labeling 
Retention. Understanding stories, playing word games 

Math Development 
Matching. By similar characteristics, numbers 
Sorting. By size, shape, type 
Recognizing numbers. 
Understanding quantity 
Counting. Understanding progression, determining amounts 

Cooking Projects 
Measuring, stirring, mixing, pouring 
Tasting-eating-having fun!

Foundational Concepts 
Shapes. Using blocks and a variety of other materials 
Colors. Using crayons, paints, swatches 
Motor skills. Grasping, using pencils, playtime, music and movement
Following directions. Fast, slow, over, under, quiet, lining up, self-control

Small Motor skills 
Coloring, gluing, cutting, painting, tearing 
Pounding/patting objects 

Large Motor Skills 
Jumping, running, climbing, hopping and balancing 
Up/down activities 
Rolling large/small balls 
Throwing, catching, bouncing 
Kicking balls

Daily Calendar
Days of the week, months, weather and seasons


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PreSchool Curriculum

In our Preschool room, 2 and 3 year olds begin to learn about concepts, language, and numbers.  Our preschoolers start to practice writing their name, learn through song, basic letter and number skills, and most importantly - have fun!

All our classrooms have outside time in their own safe designated areas.  Outside you’ll see children enjoying the trees, tricycles, push toys, water play tables, play structures and more.  Our wonderful teachers design their own lesson plans and creative activities geared toward the specific needs of each age group.